Jeremiah Jae
Rappayamatantra EP

1. The Dirty Collector Pt. 1
2. Kings Bop
3. Guns Go Off (Remix)
4. $easons
5. Raw Tape$
6. Vertical Pupils
7. Stones Passage
8. Glitter Kit

“Some rappers be killing my mood. I’ll listen to shit on the radio or hear a ‘hot’ new rap album from some dude, and it’s like my spirit curls up. The beats may be dope, and the style, but I’m not entirely into the motives or messages of these guys. It’s defiantly not ‘hate’ against any new or old artist that have gained such a high commercial popularity, nor am I directing my energy to compete with such musical acts, I just build my music from a different place spiritually.

Growing up, I was going back and forth from the north side of Chicago, going to art school, to the south side where gang members are young entrepreneurs and positive or healthy choices are met with anger and a deep unending struggle. Yet, being around certain people and having examples such as my father (a jazz composer, pianist, and vegan for over 10 years), exposed me to more holistic paths in life which helped open my mind, body, and spirit to discovering ways of expressing myself.

Rappayamatantra EP is a bridge between the Dxnce EP, and my future LP release entitled Raw Money Raps. Rappayamatantra, as a theme, came to me while I was reading “Be Here Now”, a book written By Ram Dass. It totally reaffirmed for me that everyone possesses a divine energy, and through certain practices and principles, anyone can realize and fulfill their own spiritual and creative potential. As a rapper, one challenge that can disrupt that true being, can be to remain relevant and even trendy so that one can be popular and make money.

With this record I didn’t want to think too much about commercial appeal or trends, rather the personal struggle to remain honest and balanced for anyone, be them a rapper, a teacher, or a friend. This record is intended to be a direct communication for the humans out there, if you dress fly, or not. Even if you like to play computer games or meditate in the mornings. Be empowered and enlightened through your own light the body possesses, and bump this EP in the whip! Please Cop! Hotep.”

- Jeremiah Jae

”When I first heard Jae’s ‘Dxnce’ I laughed a little, because I felt like I had found one of the chosen.

”A sound I’ve come to know through my own lineage. The sound of the Seeker.

”He’s one of those artists on a mission for truth, understanding worlds and seeing beyond space and time through music.

”Jeremiah is one of the most important NEW voices of our ancestry. I believe in this man and will go along with him and whatever the hell he’s seeking on this journey.”

- Flying Lotus